Unleashing Your Potential: A Personalized Coaching Experience
Personal Growth: Coaching provides a structured approach to self-discovery, helping you understand your strengths and areas for improvement, fostering personal development and increase your income
Increased Self-Awareness: Through reflective conversations, coaching helps you gain a deeper understanding of your values, beliefs, and behaviors, fostering heightened self-awareness.
Enhanced Performance: Coaching offers valuable insights and tools to optimize your skills, whether in your professional or personal life, leading to improved overall performance.
Goal Achievement: Coaching can assist in setting and attaining goals by offering guidance, accountability, and strategies to overcome obstacles, ensuring sustained progress.
. Effective Decision-Making: Coaches can provide an objective perspective, helping you make informed decisions by considering various angles, ultimately leading to better choices and outcomes.
1-1 session
Month plan
(1 hour consultation in Zoom)
4 consultations (1 hour each) during the month
* The first free diagnostic consultation is mandatory within this plan.
£ 260
£ 800.
£ 400
Choose the best for yourself
"Her energy allows you to feel calm and vulnerable at the same time"
"If you are like me and need some clarity in your life or even just feel you need a shift then Olga is where you should best spend your time, energy and money"
"During her sessions she creates a very non'-judge mental and compassionate space"
"She is helped me to uncover so many limiting beliefs
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